Who we are

We are a Recruitment Agency specializing in searching a work for employees from the East with trustworthy and reliable employers in Poland. Our aim is to bring cooperation between our mutually seeking partners – employee and employer. At present, we provide human resources solutions to most sectors of the economy.


Every employee who cooperates with us, we can offer a job that is convenient to his or her needs and career circumstances. We look for employment through our employer and we guarantee stable employers who offer full legality of employment, a contract of employment and attractive compensation.


In addition, we organize accommodation, residence and work permits and transportation to the company from the accommodation facility. Every employee receives his/her tutor who speaks fluent Russian and is responsible for resolving all current job doubts, extending work and residence permits, organizing work for family members of employee and other circumstances related to stay in Poland.

We have certificates issued by the Speaker of the Wielkopolska Voivodship under number 16473, 12079. We give you the opportunity to gain experience and develop professional skills in the industry.


How do we operate in a comprehensive handling:

1. Looking for stable employers.

2. Verification of employers to ensure employment stability.

3. Create a job offer in consultation with your employer.

4. Production of visas and passports for employees.

5. Organization of work permits (so-called work invitations).

6. Transport to Poland.

7. Organization of accommodation in Poland.

8. Presentation of the employer to the employee.

9. Signing an agreement with the employer.

10. Getting Started.

11. Extend of stay, work, permits upon request of the employee.

What branches do we operate in:

We are looking for qualified employees in all occupations and also without specialization. We offer work for adults, men and women without age limits in industries such as:


  • Warehouse (warehouse, production, unloading / loading, packaging))
  • Hotel and restaurant (chef, cook, waiter, waitress, cleaning lady and kitchen assistant)
  • Furniture (seamstress, seamstress, upholstery, plasterer, glueer)
  • General exterior construction (bricklayer, plasterer, brickworker, shuttering carpenter,carpenter, roofer, worker of building insulation)
  • Generally-built interior (electrician, painter, tile maker, g-k tile laying, pan)
  • Industrial (welders, electro welder, turner, frezer)
  • Helpdesks and simple workers in industry
  • And other…


The offer for the organization of work permits and stay in Poland is addressed to foreigners who do not work through our agency with Polish employers and would like assistance in arranging various types of permits. Through the organization of employee permits, the agency gives the opportunity to stay and work legally in his/her former employer after completing the visa documents on the basis of which they reside in Poland.


By working with our agency, the employee does not waste time on the complicated procedure and I get the guarantee of obtaining the longest time allowed and legal work, stay in Poland. With constantly changing legal and organizational conditions, the employee who organizes a permit on his own or through less experienced people does not have a good chance of receiving a positive decision or significantly increases the organization of the permit. By lengthening the process of organization of the permit or organizational errors, the employee deprives the opportunity to organize the procedure smoothly, which can ultimately contribute to the lack of legality of work in Poland and the deportation of the employee.


Trust our experience. We will organize this efficiently and you will get permission for the maximum possible period.




• uniform residence and work permits up to 3 years (residence card)
• type A work permit (voivodship invitations)
• statements about the intention to entrust the work of the so-called invitations (only for employees who intend to work through our agency)

Contact our consultant who speaks Russian language and will explain you everything about the organization of the procedure.



Grygorii Zhezherun  | Specialist of employment agency / HR specialist
 |   574 239 778  |


The offer is for foreigners who come on their own to find a job in Poland or change the region of work and have no pre-arranged accommodation. Often, employers are unable to help foreigners because they have no time for them and they give up despite the demand.


If you are in such a situation or you need accommodation for another reason, please contact our consultant who speaks fluent Russian and will surely help you. We have accommodation in various places in Poland of different standard, fully equipped with kitchen, bathroom, tv wi-fi.


Join us and become our partner.

The benefits of working with us

1. Stable employer

2. Wide range of working conditions

3. Attractive employment conditions

4. Fully equipped accommodation

5. Comprehensive organization of work with transport

6. Organization of work permits and stay in Poland

7. Coordinators' care in Russian language

8. Ability to organize work for the family